Make safety a priority

Safety is one of the most important parts of any project, whether it’s simple DIY weekend job in the backyard or something a little bigger. Not taking the necessary precautions, or failing to use the right safety equipment, could lead to costly setbacks when equipment is damaged, or even serious injury.

We have a great range of equipment to ensure you and the people around you are safe:


Proper lighting is one of the more important safety considerations. After all if you cant see what your doing, how can you stay safe?


A modular, free standing site securing system to maximise pedestrian safety and asset protection solution that will provide security for your project and protection for people in and around your sites.


Accessing heights on a worksite, or even just at home, is always going to be tough without a ladder. What’s more, it’s also highly unsafe. Ladders are easy to hire, transport to wherever you’re working and then erect. We’ve got extension ladders for going just that little bit higher, and platform ladders for painting ceilings and carrying out repairs.


Trestles are essential tools when working at heights and in a variety of sizes, and they’re easy to transport and deploy. When painting, a trestle is invaluable, providing a safe working platform. If necessary, they can also be linked together with scaffolding planks to form long working areas. What’s more, this means you won’t have to climb a ladder if you need to access another area of the worksite.

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